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Sunrise Gymnastics is a family owned and operated gymnastics instruction facility. We are conveniently located in the heart of Fort Pierce, right next to the Fort Pierce Police Station on South 3rd Street. Our 6,000 square foot facility houses all the equipment required to teach and coach students from beginners to advanced.


While we are primarily a gymnastics facility, we also offer much more than gymnastics. Our After School Program is the best around and very affordable. The program offers pick up from select schools in the area and includes 1 hour of gymnastics and 1 hour of homework time or games with friends while waiting for their parents to pick them up. What a great way to stay fit and keep the academics up at the same time! Our day camps have a lot to offer as well. Priced right, our Summer Camp program is packed full of fun and entertaining activities. From field trips to gymnastics tricks, the kids will never be bored. Camp at Sunrise is all about fun with friends and learning a few things as well. Look around our site for more details on what we have to offer.


The vision of Sunrise Gymnastics is to inspire every individual to practice sports and by that way help them to have a better quality of life. Over the years we have had the pleasure of watching hundreds of children learn, grow, develop, and mature into confident young adults who are ready to face the world. All of our programs bring the benefits of gymnastics in a safe, happy and nurturing environment. We look forward to the unique opportunities that working with the children will present.


Gymnastics is one of the greatest overall body conditioning activity that you can have your child involved in. In a recent study which tested several components of physical fitness (strength, flexibility, coordination, etc.) of a number of athletes in various sports, gymnasts were found to be the most physically fit. Some of the physical attributes that you will find developing in your gymnast will be strength, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, muscular control, muscular endurance, coordination, timing, explosive power, agility, running speed, balance, and grace. Some of the mental attributes that we hope to develop are positive self image, self-motivation, tenacity, patience, goal setting, courage, and enjoyment.

“We do not measure our success by the number of trophies on the wall, but rather by seeing each child achieving their own goals and accomplishments.”


Practicing gymnastics will give your child a stage on which to develop confidence, poise, individuality, mental and physical discipline, determination, appreciation for dedicated effort, and self-respect. Your child will mature among individuals and circumstances that will demand the finest efforts and judgments. Opportunities will be made available which will compliment and enhance the experiences your child will have in our gym.

Plus, it’s lots of fun!